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Solutions for the commercial sector

Sologic offers companies and firms to join the global environmental revolution, while providing their business substantial leverage and a chance to expand their profit margins. Many businesses have grown and developed thanks to switching their energy source to solar energy. The combination of governmental promotion (which is expressed by crediting businesses for the solar energy they produce for the electric company) together with the growing need for finding alternative energy sources and to reduce carbon emissions – both make solar energy production into an attractive option for large and small businesses. Sologic has developed systems which are tailored to the costumers needs and allows consumers to benefit a profit from consuming solar energy. In addition, businesses which use our solar energy production systems can brand themselves as environmental businesses, and so they can benefit business from a large market segment which gives high value to businesses environmental priorities.

Systems for small businesses

These days, small businesses can benefit from the advantages of the use of solar energy and reduce their electric bills substantially. Our advisors specialize in fitting a suitable system for each client, depending on his size and line of business – this allows small businesses to benefit from the advantages of the use of solar energy and makes the investment in the system economic for them as well.

Systems for large businesses

Large companies and public institutions can benefit significantly from installing solar energy production systems. Installing solar panels as part of a solar energy production system on vacant spaces, can add to the company’s economic efficiency, while contributing to the global environmental revolution. The installation of a solar energy production system in your business can reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses by tens of tons a year. Many companies and institutions around the world have taken on this understanding and have installed solar energy production systems which span out on their vacant spaces.