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Solutions for Households

We at Sologic offer a wide range of solutions for the private sector. Our goal is to make solar energy production a realistic option which can cater to power needs of families, business and institutions. We intend to reach a point in which anyone can be part of the solar environmental revolution.

Domestic network-connected PV systems

This solution allows every household to be an electricity consumer and manufacturer at the same time. Our simple solar energy production system allows you to stream electricity to the electric company’s infrastructure. The electricity consumed by your household is produced by solar panels which streams photovoltaic energy through an inverter to your standard AC electric infrastructure in your home. When the output of electricity your system produces is more than the output your household consumes, electricity from your system will be streamed into the electric company’s infrastructure. By law, the electric company credits you for its value. It’s very easy and simple to install a solar energy production system. All you need is a vacant surface at the size of 10 to 50 square meters and an initial investment for purchasing and installing the system. Sologic’s systems can be used in old houses as well as in new ones.

Independent PV energy systems

There are many special places which call for special solutions. We at Sologic have developed independent systems which allow small sites, such as small farms, bases or communities to enjoy the advantages of the use of solar energy, as a source for clean and reliable energy. There are places as such, around the world that are enjoying the advantages of a clean, efficient and reliable source of energy by using Sologics advanced PV energy systems. We invite you to forget all about the troubles that result from blackouts and faulty generators and join the economical and environmental revolution by using Sologics advanced solar energy production systems.