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How does the system work?

The PV (photovoltaic) electricity system is composed of a group of solar panels which are connected to an inverter box. When the sunlight shines on the panels, DC electricity is produced by the solar cells in the panels. The electricity produced by the panels is sent to the AC electric system by the inverter.

Does the system require expensive maintenance?

Since the system is composed of static components, very basic maintenance is required. Sologic offers maintenance services as part of the guarantee and in addition to it, in return for fare fees.

What happens when there isn’t sun-light? (Nights, rainy days, etc.)

when your system is connected to the electric company’s infrastructure, in times such as nights and cloudy days, you’ll receive electricity from the electric company. However, since the electric company has been crediting you for the electricity you have been streaming to its system, you will most likely not have to pay for the electricity you’ll receive from it.

Is the system profitable?

Although the system’s price might seem high at first, a comprehensive economic analysis will show that the system is definitely profitable. Studies have shown that PV electricity systems return their investment throughout a period of ten years, while their lifespan is at least 20 years. That leaves you with at least 10 years to enjoy electricity in return for minimal, aside from raising the value of your home. In addition, Sologic offers loans and other ways of assistance in dealing with the high preliminary costs.

How can I know if my home is fit for a PV system?

All you need in order to install a PV system is a roof or a plot of land which is exposed to the sun for a substantial part of the day. In order to check if your house is fit for installing a system, get in touch with us by phone or E-mail. Our advisors will be happy to meet with you and fit you with the system which will answer your needs.