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Sologic has set its goal to lead and promote the field of utilizing and preserving sources of renewable energy, particularly solar energy. Sologic was founded by Michael Lasry an  Israeli entrepreneur. Solgic’s vision is to create a greener future. Sologic introduces dependable solar solutions to cater the power needs of families, businesses and intotutions. With our professional and experienced team we are committed to providing you with the best products and services.  As a world leader in the field of solar energy, we see ourselves as an important part in the efforts of promoting the green revolution in Israel, by addressing tomorrow’s use pleas more positive word then needs – today.

Sologic is aiming to become one of the world leaders in the field of solar energy . We at Sologic have been applying our knowledge of solar energy in order to provide practical energy solutions for, businesses, households and deferent industries sector companies for years around the world.

In these days of global increasing of usage of electricity and the global warming, the world faces the problems of decreasing energy sources and the ramifications of environmental pollution – these issues are receiving a more central place in today’s public awareness. Sologic’s vision is to find solutions for tomorrows necessities – today. We offer every business and household aside of benefiting from lower electric bills, joining the global environmental revolution by producing energy from one of the never ending sources – the sun. Sologic markets PV (photovoltaic) solar electric systems by means of a simple and efficient technique. This simplicity assures the system’s long lifespan and minimal maintenance demands.

The road to a cleaner and greener environment goes through utilizing renewable energy sources. Many countries and organizations have already reached the conclusion that renewable sources of energy, particularly solar energy constitute as a major factor in the creation of a greener environment. Sologic invites you to take part in designing a greener future, while reducing your electric bills – beginning today.